Always defeated

Satan is the instrument, the willing instrument, of destroying the flesh; but that destruction ends in the saving of the spirit (1 Cor. 5.5). He receives, gladly receives, one that is judicially delivered over to him; but all that ends in such an one learning not to blaspheme (1 Tim.1.20). He sends forth his messengers as thorns in the flesh, delighting to do so, as being bent on mischief, having been “a murderer from the beginning;” but this still works good, for the servant of Christ is thereby kept from undue exaltation (2 Cor. 12.7)

These are illustrious exhibitions of the devil being always defeated. Because they show this – that he lends himself directly to his own overthrow. His own weapon is turned against himself. The one whom he assails is, by the very assault, given strength or virtue against him.

Happy assurance! our great adversary is never victorious! It is the pricks he kicks against.

Blessed is our Lord Jesus!

(observed by another, in J. G. B.’ book)